Optimize all your MySQL tables

Here is a small code snipped I’m using to optimize (or repair or defragment) mysql tables.

When for eg. mysqltuner shows something like “Total fragmented tables: 20” and you are awake at a very unpopular time (table optimization will lock your tables so it is possible your site is unreachable for a few moments) you can simply paste the following to your shell:

LOGIN="-u<user> -p<secret>"
mysql $LOGIN <<EOF
$(for db in `mysql $LOGIN -e 'show databases'|sed -e 's/\|//g'|egrep -v '^Database|information_schema|performance_schema'` ; do
echo "USE $db;" ; mysql $LOGIN -D$db -e 'show tables'|sed -e 's/\|//g'|egrep -v '^Tables_in_'|awk '{print "OPTIMIZE TABLE "$1";"}'

You have to change your mysql login details or leave it empty if you are using the ~/.my.cnf config file.

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